An association for Christian parent-controlled schools.

About us


Christian Schools Tasmania is an association of Christians who recognise the responsibility parents have for the education of their children and the role they play in partnership. This association operates four schools in Southern Tasmania:

  • Calvin Christian School in Kingston
  • Channel Christian School in Margate
  • Emmmanuel Christian School in Rokeby and
  • Northern Christian School in Bridgewater.

Each school is independantly run by the Principal.

Membership to the Association is open to Christians who are committed to Christian education. This movement is unique in Australia.


Partnership between home and school is an underpinning philosophy of all our schools. The Association which began in 1954 has remained committed to this vision, believing that parents are primarily responsible for the education of children.
Active participation of parents in school communities is strongly encouraged and valued. This will present differently in each school, but may include volunteering in school and classroom activities, membership of school committees and involvement in school working bees.


Continuity of education is vital for families and continuous enrolment from Kindergarten to Year 12 is an attractive option offered in all our schools.

emmanuel under tree