Our Guiding Principles


Christian Schools Tasmania is an association of Christians that owns and operates schools to provide education underpinned by its Statement of Christian Faith.


Our purpose is to prepare and equip students for life by providing the highest quality Christ-centred education.


We believe the Gospel informs, impacts and ultimately permeates throughout everything within our organisation.


To honour God through the provision of Christ-centred education.


In pursuing our Purpose, Christian Schools Tasmania values:

  • Christ Centred education - Jesus Christ is honoured in and through all aspects of education and administration.

  • Active parent participation - Parents have the primary God-given responsibility of nurturing their children to maturity. Our schools grow out of parents’ vision and commitment to Christian education for their children.

  • Servant leadership - We value effective Christian leaders who serve their communities through setting clear directions, living out the vision, and enabling and equipping their team members.

  • Community - As Christian caring communities, we value honesty, integrity, sharing, justice, forgiveness and compassion in all our dealings with each other.

  • Achievement - We seek to provide an educational environment in which students and staff are nurtured toward reaching their God-given potential and achieve well in areas of aptitude.

  • Stewardship - All that God has given us in people, buildings, equipment and financial assets belong to Him and we are committed to stewarding these resources well for the sake of His kingdom.

  • Uniqueness - We value and respond to the unique personality, giftedness, experience and culture of each individual as an image bearer of God.

  • Creativity - We celebrate originality and innovation which reflects the person of our Creator.