Starting from scratch

Creating a school from scratch, without expertise and without any support or assistance from government was the difficult challenge that faced our founders over fifty years ago. To do this they joined together forming the School Association with the common purpose of providing Christian education for their children.

The School Association

Today the School Association are a group of Christian parents who are responsible for the overseeing the education and community of our schools, ensuring the beliefs and values of our founding members are maintained. The video below explains it in a little more detail.

A timeline of Christian Schools Tasmania

  • 1954 The Association for Christian Parent-Controlled Schools was formed on 23 July 1954 with fifty Founding members. Mr EJ VanderLaan was the Founding President.

  • 1960 On 19 November a Stone Laying Ceremony was organised. Mr Overeem sealed a fifty year time capsule to be embedded in the wall of the school.

  • 1962 Calvin School opened its doors to 77 primary students in Kingston. Housed in a three classroom building, it was the first Christian parent-controlled school in Australia. Mr OJ Hofman, Founding Principal, presided over the first assembly held on 30 January.

  • 1963 The first school fair was organised by the P&F Committee. This first fair was the forerunner of our popular Oliebollen Festival!

  • 1965 Calvin School was renamed Calvin Christian School to distinguish it from other independent schools.

  • 1970 A second building of three classrooms was completed at Calvin Christian School.

  • 1975 A Prep class taught by Mrs Ali Stam was added to the school.

  • 1976 Secondary classes commenced at Calvin Christian School with teacher Jack Kuilenburg.

  • 1978 Miss Elsa Betlehem (Wierenga) was the first past student appointed as a teacher at Calvin Christian School.

  • 1979 A second primary school opened on the Eastern Shore: Emmanuel Christian School. The Founding Principal was Mr Dirk Petrusma.

  • 1980 A double stream of secondary classes was introduced at Calvin Christian School. Mr Hofman retired and was followed by Mr Parkinson.

  • 1981 The land for the site of Calvin Primary School was purchased.

  • 1983 Calvin Primary School opened on its new site across Maranoa Road in Kingston.

  • 1984 Mr Van Veen became the new Principal at Calvin Christian School.

  • 1988 Secondary classes started at Emmanuel Christian School.

  • 1988 Channel Christian School opened for students in Margate with forty students under Founding Principal Mr Peter van der Schoor and Miss Joanna de Vries.

  • 1989 The Emmanuel Christian School community formed its own Association.

  • 1989 A master plan was established, making provision for the growth of the schools in the Calvin & Channel Association. This plan includes the Performing Arts Centre (1990), Art Rooms (1991), Science Block (1991), Sewing and General Purpose Learning Area (1993) at Calvin, and the completion of the Channel buildings (1994).

  • 1990 Senior Secondary classes began at Calvin Christian School.

  • 1991 Mr Graeme Young was appointed fourth Principal at Calvin Christian School.

  • 1992 Mr Rod Tedds became the fifth Principal at Calvin Christian School.

  • 1993 Northern Suburbs Christian School, a sister school of Emmanuel Christian School, opened at the Berriedale Community Centre with teachers Mr Malcolm Lacey and Mrs Christine Brown.

  • 1994 The name of the Association was changed to “Calvin and Channel Christian Parent-Controlled Schools Association”.

  • 1996 Northern Suburbs Christian School was officially opened on its new premises at Cobbs Hill Road.

  • 1996 The Function Centre on the Calvin Primary School campus was opened on 13th November.

  • 1997 The Calvin & Channel Association was re-structured under Mr Phil Giltinan’s chairmanship. In June, Mr Neil Rowcroft was appointed as Executive Director of the Association.

  • 1998 Mr Ric Peterson and Mr Don Butler were respectively appointed Principal at Calvin Secondary and Calvin Primary Schools. Mr Allister Martin became Principal at Northern Suburbs Christian School.

  • 2000 The Emmanuel Association, under the chairmanship of Mr Vern Traill merged with the Calvin & Channel Association.

  • 2001 Mr Tom Hockley started as Principal at Emmanuel Christian School. The association was renamed Christian Schools Tasmania.

  • 2002 Mrs Christine Woolley was appointed Principal at Northern Suburbs Christian School.

  • 2004 The Library Resource Centre & Classroom Development at Calvin Secondary School were officially opened.

  • 2005 Mr Simon Matthews was appointed to the position of Principal at Emmanuel Christian School.

  • 2006 Mr Adrian Bosker commenced as Principal at Calvin Primary School.

  • 2008 Mrs Heather King was appointed to her new role as Principal at Channel Christian School. Mr Geoff Hewitt commenced as Principal at Emmanuel Christian School at the start of Term Two. Geoff replaced Simon Matthews who was appointed as the new Executive Director of Christian Schools Tasmania.

  • 2010 Mrs Trudy Verdouw was appointed Principal at Channel Christian School and Mrs Suzanne Dishington was appointed Principal at Emmanuel Christian School.

  • 2012 Northern Suburbs Christian School became Northern Christian School and several new learning areas were built onto the existing facilities to accommodate enrolment growth.

  • 2012 Calvin Primary and Secondary Schools became known as Calvin Christian School.

  • 2013 Mr Iain Belot was appointed to the role of Principal at Calvin Christian School.

  • 2014 Mr Scott Winker was appointed to the role of Principal at Emmanuel Christian School.

  • 2015 A major development commenced at Emmanuel Christian School in the form of the Performing Arts Centre as a multi-use facility.

  • 2016 Mrs Petrina Essex was appointed Principal at Northern Christian School and Mr Keith Roberts was appointed Principal at Channel Christian School.

  • 2017 Mr David Gillman was appointed CEO of Christian Schools Tasmania.

  • 2018 Mrs Margaret Lowe was appointed Principal at Channel Christian School.